Your current situation

You have been using SAP Business ByDesign for some time. You do not have the transparency to assess the current system status and possible operational risks. You know that your SAP Business ByDesign generates automatic tasks that need to be processed. However, you do not have a comprehensive overview of these or you lack the resources to monitor and resolve them.

Your goals

You need one-off or regular system monitoring of the current system status. You want to identify potential risks at an early stage and derive the necessary measures. You want external support to find, assess and process regularly generated tasks.

How we can help you

After an initial consultation, we carry out one-off or regular system monitoring for you. This includes:

  • Check for existing system tasks/messages
  • Check for data flow errors
  • Check for output errors
  • Checking the current support/ticket situation
  • Check for incorrect and unposted documents
  • Checking the current user and license situation
  • Check for unused functions
  • Preparation of a final report including a management summary